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We began with the idea that wine maturation and storage long overdue for disruption. Barrels have remained nearly identical in their form for centuries, and while quality and consistency in wooden cooperage have increased, the nature of using wood exclusively for quality wine storage and maturation remains fundamentally outdated.


Modern Cooperage Advantage

Reduced Water and
Energy Use

Water consumption remains a major downside and cost of wine production. With Modern Cooperage barrels, significantly fewer resources are needed to sanitize, prepare, and maintain your barrels.

Fewer Barrels Needed

Thinner metal outer layers than oak barrels increase storage volume by approximately 25% with the same physical footprint. This means more storage and movement of your wine storage.

Lower Carbon

Only high-quality staves (which pack flat, as opposed to full barrels) need to be shipped on a vintage-over-vintage basis. This means fewer recurring container shipments.

Fewer Trees Harvested

A 100 to 150 year old oak tree will yield enough usable wood for between two and four traditional all-wood barrels. The same tree could supply staves for more than 300 Modern Cooperage barrels.

Our Barrels

At Modern Cooperage, we bring barrel making to the here and now, with significant improvements for winemakers and distillers, a positive impact for the planet, and significant cost savings on material and labor — all without compromising on the quality that makes wines matured in traditional barrels so magical.

So much of the wine world has changed and updated, and we’re right there with it. We didn’t invent the barrel, but we made it better!

Learn more about the revolutionary way we’re rethinking the way things are done.

We can offer distillers more control over their barrel aging and finishing programs with a unique system allowing agitation within the barrel promoting a quicker integration of flavors.