Control & Precision

The Modern Cooperage barrel allows winemakers to use a large variety of high quality French, American and Hungarian oak staves, produced by many of the same quality cooperage companies that are providing the same barrels that are filling cellars today. This new barrel allows winemakers more precision and control over the exact level of desired oak extraction than ever before.

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•  Purchasers no longer need to make traditional barrel purchase commitments. Only the staves are replaced as needed creating flexible barrel inventories which can be changed and adapted to meet any current barrel aging requirement year after year.


  Stave varieties can easily be mixed and matched to achieve a desired oak profile.


  The modular interior rack system holds up to 25 staves equaling up to 250% the oak surface area of a traditional barrel.


 To match and equal the 100% oak effect of a traditional barrel, only 9-10 staves are needed at a cost of only $40 - $125.
















  Modern Cooperage barrels provide thorough and much improved contact during the aging process. This new barrel design allows for more efficient and complete stirring over current common practices.


•  Modern Cooperage barrels remain closed while stirring, allowing complete elimination of oxidation and evaporation during the aging process. During the aging process while oak extraction occurs, the degree of oxidation allowed to occur in the wine can be carefully and exactly monitored and obtained. This gives the wine maker complete control over this aspect of the process. This benefit can allow for lower Volatile Acidity and SO2 levels.


•  Modern Cooperage barrels provide the ultimate in customizable cooperage. The system is able to rapidly change and adapt to a particular style and need. Barrel requirements change from vintage to vintage. Sometimes more or less oak is needed of a different species, French Oak, American Oak or Hungarian Oak.