Economic Advantage Hard Costs

•  Modern Cooperage barrels are durable, reliable and will last a lifetime of service. 100% of the wood used in the internal rack is utilized for seasoning.


  Cost for a French Oak stave loading equaling 100% oak in a Modern Cooperage 78.5 gallon barrel is between $70 and $125 from leading  cooperage companies. Cost for 100% American oak stave loading is between $40 and $75 compared to the cost of a new French oak barrel between $900 and $1,400.




Modern Cooperage barrels offer attractive financing possibilities as a long term asset to the winery where traditional oak barrels are short term assets which are at best leased for 3-4 years.

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 Initial purchase cost of the Modern Cooperage barrel is equivalent on a $/gallon basis with the least expensive French Oak barrels.


  Cleaning and sanitation of a Modern Cooperage barrel is easy and requires far fewer resources than an oak barrel.


 Modern Cooperage annual barrel costs are as low as 15% the cost of traditional barrels after initial purchase. This figure includes  savings on labor, sur lees process, barrel movement in warehouse, evaporation, sanitation, and energy cost savings.



Labor Costs

  With the internal rack system, stirring the lees is much more effective and efficient. Now 100% of the barrel contents can be stirred with several rotations of the crank handle.


  Modern Cooperage barrels can be automatically stirred when automatic rotation motors are positioned alongside conveyor lines.


  Automated barrel washing can be performed on traditional conveyor lines and equipment.


  Barrel exteriors will not experience mold growth and will not need to be regularly cleaned.


  Chemicals are easily washed and removed from the stainless steel barrel whereas traditional oak barrels are far more difficult to sanitize, clean and maintain.


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  Modern Cooperage barrels eliminate the need for topping operations. Any stirring of barrel lees can be accomplished while the barrels remain stacked in the warehouse allowing for significant labor savings.


  Once Modern Cooperage barrels are cleaned, they may be sanitized as well and once put away empty, they will require no labor for empty barrel maintenance operations.


  Barrel coopers are never needed to change oak staves, anyone in the winery can change the staves in minutes.


 Winery labor will no longer need to struggle getting into and between barrels, or up on racks trying to access the bunghole in order to stir the lees. Modern Cooperage barrels can be stirred from the front face of the barrel head while it is on the rack. Stirring the lees is not only easier and more efficient, but moreover much safer for the operator.





Evaporation & Storage

 The Modern Cooperage stainless steel barrel has similar outer dimensions as a traditional oak barrel and holds 79.5 gallons, 78.5 with 100% oak stave loading. A traditional oak barrel will only hold 60 gallons.


  The Modern Cooperage barrel allows you to store 25% more wine in your barrel cellars without any additional construction costs.


  A cellar with 1000 traditional oak barrels would be the equivalent of 750 Modern Cooperage barrels which never need replacing. Only the oak staves need to be purchased annually.


  Average between 3% - 10% higher yields due to zero evaporation.


 In the event of low yield harvests barrels sometimes go unused until the following vintage. Modern Cooperage barrels can be easily sealed and stored with no maintenance concerns and no sanitation issues.

Modern Cooperage barrels are easily integrated into your barrel buying program. Just using 5% Modern Cooperage barrels in your inventory can have significant savings!


See how much you can save with our ROI calculator: