Our Team

Jon Roleder

Founder & Managing Principal

For over three decades, Jon has been an impactful leader in modernizing manufacturing processes both domestically and abroad while creating more sustainable solutions in product development. His unique, strategic thinking, passion for leadership-by-example and deep sense of values continue to be key to his success as an effective leader and business partner.

Jon’s passion for the wine industry led him to create and patent a sustainable, modern take on the ancient art of cooperage. His wine barrel company, Modern Cooperage, holds numerous national and international patents and has won the industry’s IQ Innovation and Quality Award, demonstrating cutting edge technology that advances wine quality and production. Jon’s training and experience as a manufacturing engineer has made him a passionate product development leader with over 25 patents to his credit.

Jon when not at work enjoys family time with his wife and four kids, hiking, sailing and gardening.

Jarred Pearce

Director of Sales & Consulting Winemaker

Jarred comes to Modern Cooperage with nearly two decades in the wine industry, with a focus on winemaking and winery technology sales. As a winemaker, his experience includes vintages with Napa rockstar winemakers, including Heidi Barrett and Philippe Melka, and a stint with Michel Rolland in South Africa. In 2007, Jarred started a brand called AJ Pearce Wines focusing on crafting premium single vineyard wines from the Napa Valley. Jarred has a passion for developing innovative and sustainable solutions for winemakers to increase wine quality and reduce production costs.

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