Modern Cooperage believes that responsible manufacturing procedures and equipment are essential to our commitment of global responsibility. We are committed to environmental sustainability and provide a convenient solution to meet growing demand for high-quality oak while using fewer natural resources.

Sustainability Use of Resources

Liquid Penetration of a Traditional Oak Stave

Liquid Penetration of a Modern Cooperage Stave

94% Less Wood:


  The Modern Cooperage barrel system and rack technology uses 1 / 13th of the amount of oak as a traditional oak barrel to achieve same oak exposure.


  Overall traditional stave thickness is 25-27mm, any thinner and barrels will not be able to withstand the weight of a stack of full wine barrels on the bottom barrels. Because wine will only ever penetrate to a depth not greater than 4mm into a stave, this means that only about 10% - 15% of the stave can ever be accessed by the wine inside the barrel (see Fig 1).


  The Modern Cooperage stave is about 8mm thick, allowing for maximum use of oak transference (see Fig 2).


  The relative cost of 100% new French oak in a Modern Cooperage barrel is about $70, about 1 / 13th the cost of a top French oak barrel.


  A 100 - 150 year old oak tree will yield enough usable wood for between 2 and 4 traditional barrels. That same tree will yield enough usable wood to supply 210 Modern Cooperage barrels with 100% stave loading.



75% Less Water Used:


  Modern Cooperage barrels can be steam cleaned / sanitized with existing winery equipment.


 Barrel washing is one of the most water intensive operations at the winery. Our stainless steel barrel can be easily steam cleaned / sanitized using up to 75% less water than even the most low volume washers available today.


  You will never need to soak a Modern Cooperage barrel or swell up / leak test new barrels, allowing you to further conserve water.




Fig 1

Fig 2

Tom Beard Auto Barrel Cleaning Comparison

* Modern Cooperage barrel is also sanitized in the steam cleaning process.

Fig 3

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