The Modern Cooperage barrel, with its rack system, is the most innovative change the wood-aged beverage industry has seen in decades. Our patented technology allows wine makers, brewers and distillers the effect of oak without the cost and waste of traditional oak barrels. Modern Cooperage offers significant economic, environmental and efficiency advantages, while exceeding in quality control and production volume over traditional oak-aging practices.

Innovative Technology

The system consists of:


  A state-of-the-art engineered and manufactured stainless steel barrel.


  Interior stave racks - staves easily clip in and out and are distributed throughout the barrel.


  An interior pivot core and stainless wiper blade that allows for easy and thorough stirring.


  Oxygenation options.


  A head access door for loading and unloading of staves, etc.


  A crank handle to for stirring and head door access.


  Bunghole aligns with clearance hole in the main pivot core tube for barrel filling, pump out and racking.



Quality Craftsmanship
Modern Cooperage could easily be considered the finest quality barrels available worldwide.

 Modern Cooperage barrels are durable, reliable and will last a lifetime of service.


•  The barrel body and hoops are heavy-duty certified series 304 stainless steel, while the internal components are certified series 316 solid stainless steel.


•  All barrels are robotically welded to ensure consistent high quality welding lines. Five exterior stainless steel hoops are continuously welded around the entire circumference of the barrel for the ultimate in strength and performance.


 Cast stainless frame and access door on top of barrel is welded and sealed with FDA approved gaskets.


 All equipment is sanitized after the manufacturing process by an FDA certified, automated state-of-the-art production line.


 All stainless steel raw materials are certified and documented back to the original manufacturer. Serial numbers are permanently stamped into each barrel for future reference and warranty.


 Every barrel is pressure tested in an underwater test tank control laboratory, and checked for superior strength and overall quality.

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Custom Manufacturing
Modern Cooperage will work with you to manufacture custom equipment.

  Modern Cooperage barrels hold 79.5 gallons of liquid without staves, and 78.5 gallons with 100% stave loading.


  Customer serial numbers and permanent labeling / logo can be stamped into the barrel on minimum purchase quantities.


  A second design is available specifically intended for the fermentation of red grape varieties in barrel. (see Fig 1-3)


  Companies that produce tools that could be used in the process of barrel fermentation can be found in the stave suppliers section.


Fig 1

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Fig 3

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