Next Generation Barrels For Whiskey, Bourbon & Other Spirits​

Modern Cooperage’s cutting-edge barrels bring traditional barrel-aging techniques for whiskey, bourbon, rum, and other spirits into the 21st century. Our patented barrel provides distilleries a modern solution that overcomes many of the drawbacks and limitations of traditional oak barrels without sacrificing any of the qualities that made oak barrels the industry mainstay. Take control of the oak integration, evaporation, temperature, micro-oxygenation, pressurization, agitation, and more.

Modern Cooperage Barrels vs. Traditional Oak Barrels

The Stave Carousel

  • Get Creative with Your Oak Profile – With our patented stave carousel, you get precise control over the oak profile of your product. Insert up to 20 staves with a total per-barrel rate of 5-200% new oak equivalent depending on the number of staves used and the stave thickness. Want to see what happens to your whiskey when you mix French and American oak? Wonder what effect different levels of char in the same barrel have on the flavor development of your bourbon? With Modern Cooperage barrels, you have the flexibility and adaptability to find the stave combination that works best for your vision.

  • Wide Variety of Staves for Aging and Finishing – Whether you need American White Oak for aging your whiskey or you want to add a distinct taste to your bourbon by finishing it with staves soaked in sherry, port, rum, cognac etc., our network of stave partners have options that will support your vision.

  • Accelerated Aging – Use the stave carousel to agitate your spirits, speeding up oak integration and micro-oxygenation to reach peak maturity and be bottle-ready faster than traditional barrels allow.

  • Cost Savings – High quality oak staves cost a fraction of the price of a new barrel, allowing you to experiment and hone your unique flavor profile without breaking the bank.

Long-Lasting Durability

The Stainless Advantage – While traditional barrels need to be replaced every 2-3 years, our stainless steel design will last 30+ years. Just replace the oak staves and your barrel is basically brand new again.

Temperature Control​

Take the Reins from Mother Nature – While oak barrels are at the mercy of the outside world, our barrels enable you to circulate hot or cold glycol from your chiller or use water to precisely control the temperature of your spirit. If your distillery often faces extreme winters that slow your product’s aging, Modern Cooperage barrels will enable you to stay at the optimal temperature 365 days a year.

Micro-Oxygenation Membrane​

Breathes Just Like Oak – Our patented oxygen-permeable membrane allows 10mg/L/year of oxygen into the barrel. This accurately recreates the breathing rate of new American and French oak barrels.
Superior Evaporation Control – The membrane lets oxygen in, but it doesn’t let water molecules or alcohol out. Your liquor or spirit gets all the benefits of oxygen without the typical loss of volume, leading to higher yields and decreased COGS in comparison to traditional barrels with a high percentage of evaporative loss.


Soak in the Oak – Pressurize the barrel up to 3 bars to drive your spirit deeper into the staves. Release pressure to get the spirit back out of the staves and into the mix. This lets you greatly accelerate oak extraction, especially when combined with temperature control and micro-oxygenation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Barrels

Q: Right now there is a shortage of new American oak barrels, are Modern Cooperage barrels in stock?
A: Yes! We have barrels in-stock and ready-to-ship from our warehouse in California. Large custom orders over 1,000 barrels may require a 60-75 day turnaround.

Q: Aging spirits need oxygen, does your barrel breathe like a traditional oak barrel?
A: Yes, our barrels use a patented Micro-Oxygenation Membrane to mimic the same breathing as a new oak barrel at a linear rate of 10mg/L/year.

Q: How many staves does the Modern Cooperage barrel hold?
A: Each barrel can hold up to 20 oak Staves with maximum dimensions of .5 in. thick, 3 in. wide, and 27 in. long.

Q: Most traditional barrels only last 2-3 years, how long can I use a Modern Cooperage barrel?
A: The Modern Cooperage barrel will last over 30 years in your distillery. Just replace some gaskets every 8-10 years, and you’re good to go.

Q: Can I use the Modern Cooperage barrel to accelerate aging?
A: Yes! Our barrel allows you to stir/agitate, pressurize, control temperature (hot or cold), and oxygenate your whiskey or liquor/spirit of choice. All of these features can be used to accelerate aging.

Q: I like to use sherry barrels to finish some whiskeys and bourbons, can I do that in the Modern Cooperage barrel?
A: Yes! We have stave partners that produce world class staves from sherry, port, cognac, rum, wine, and more.

Q: Can the Modern Cooperage barrels fit on our existing rack system?
A: Yes! Our barrels feature the standard dimensions to fit in your existing rack system.

Q: How many gallons is the Modern Cooperage barrel?
A: 75 Gallons.

Q: My distillery is located in a warm region, and I lose a lot of product each year due to evaporation. Can your barrel help?
A: Yes! Our patented Micro-Oxygenation Membrane was designed specifically to allow oxygen to pass through but not water molecules or alcohol. This means that once your spirit is in the barrel, we keep it there. Imagine opening up a barrel after three years and seeing that it’s still full!

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